Climate Trend


Vintage: The 2018 vintage began with abundant winter rains, which replenished the water reserves, strongly drained by the warm 2017 season. The year then continued with a regular trend until August, when rains occurred which lengthened the ripening phase of grapes.

In the period of September, rain showers took place during the first half of the month which required careful thinning and lightening of the production load in the vineyard.

Starting from September 20, there were three weeks of good weather, characterized by some windy days which characterized a quiet harvest started on October 5, in line with the classic vintages.


Vintage: The 2019 vintage began with a rainy and cool spring and then continued in the summer months with average temperatures and light rains regularly distributed until August. This climatic trend has allowed a perfect ripening of the grapes and a late harvest.


The 2020 vintage was characterized by a mild winter with little rain. From mid-April, the temperatures began to increase followed by a typical spring which led to ideal flowering and fruit set towards the end of May and the beginning of June. Summer tended to be hot and dry, but without heat peaks. September was hot until the last week of the month, after which arrived a period that was generally cool and rainy until October. 


The 2021 vintage was indicated by late frosts in the areas of the valley floor which affected some of the vegetative development. The spring continued with a mild and regular climate.  The summer was hot and dry characterized by excellent thermal excursions in the period from the end of August to September.  This occurrence allowed us to have perfectly ripe grapes with excellent aromatic profiles with remarkable natural acidity and dynamic colors. The production suffered a reduction of about 15-20% depending on the vineyards and the varieties but overall the quality of the 2021 vintage is proving to be excellent specifically above all to the aromatic freshness and organoleptic structure of the wine.