“I have always considered my life a series of unfinished, precarious paths -- but each of these steps have in turn led me here. From Sicily to Tuscany, from the city of Palermo to the countryside of San Gimignano, from nearly attaining my law degree to becoming a winemaker. . . I started making wine with a sense of guilt, because this was not my world; but when my grandfather passed away – he who loved this land so much – the grapes were still in the vineyard needing to be harvested. . . and I never left.”  Laura

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Fugnano Wine Club

By registering for free at the Fugnano Wine Club, you can access our online shop where all our wines and extra virgin olive oil are available. The members of the Fugnano Wine Club accumulate one point for every euro spent on purchases and, based on the points accumulated, have access to different statuses that offer different levels of exclusivity: Explorer, Connoisseur and Master. The special privileges reserved for members of the Fugnano Wine Club include exclusive conditions on the purchase of our products, preview of the wines, availability of formats and special editions, access to old vintages and priority booking on our best apartment.

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