Our identity is rooted in this territory, Tuscany. Itis found in ocher-colored houses, in green shutters and in these wonderful hills where every color has innumerable nuances: the bright green of the vineyards, the greyish green of the olive groves, the dark green of the forests. It manifests itself in fields of golden yellow wheat, in the cypresses scattered around the countryside like so many exclamation points and in the shady pine that offers shelter to the traveler. It manifests itself in the scent of wild rosemary, oregano, rust-red earth and pine resin.

When the last rays of the sun set behind the forest and the changing colors of the sky pass from an infinity of delicate pinks to a dark orange and then give way to a shining black of stars, the concert of cicadas begins, addingmusic to the sight of San Gimignano with its beautiful towers known throughout the world. San Gimignano is crossed by that pilgrimage road, the Via Francigena, which for centuries was the most important of Christendom; set among some of the most beautiful countrysideof Italy; on the border between the lands of Florence  and Sienabut firmlygrounded in the center of theElsa valley, a territory rich in history and culture.

This small town of only five square kilometers of historic center and with just over seven thousand inhabitants contains numerous museums that are always open and galleries of modern and contemporary art of great value, a theater with a summer musical season and a winter theater season, numerous activities and cultural associations.

The Fattoria di Fugnano overlooks this wonderful city that can be contemplated and enjoyed by drinking a glass of our Vernaccia wine.

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