Wine Tastings

Come and visit the Fattoria di Fugnano and book a unique tasting experience immersed in the Tuscan countryside.


The Fattoria di Fugnano offers a unique tasting experience that starts from the vineyards, where you can see where our wines are born and learn about the history of our farm. It then continues into the cellar, where you can appreciate the different stages of vinification and discover the charm of barrels and barriques. Finally, it ends in the tasting room, where you can taste 5 different wines accompanied by snacks.

On this tour  you will experience firsthand the work and the passion that we dedicate every day to the vineyard and then to the cellar. If you want, at the end of the tasting you can buy our wines and take home a part of this experience.

If it is the first time that you make a tasting, we suggest you follow some practical suggestions:

  • Tasting is a samplingof wine and, as such, it is necessary to pour a moderate quantity into the glass;
  • Before and during the tasting avoid your palate cominginto contact with chewing gum, candies and coffee;
  • Do not smoke before and during the tasting;
  • Avoid perfumes or lipsticks and lip gloss that could alter the taste of the wine;
  • We do not serve alcohol to children under 18.

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